Concrete pumping over the canal

Location – Fenny Compton marina Warwickshire

Pump – Line concrete pump with 36 meters of pipe.

Quantity and supplier – Smiths concrete bringing 8 cubic meters

Phil from fenny Compton marina rang early in the week, to arrange a pump and concrete to be delivered for some structural work on the entrance to the marina. The corner of the entrance was sheet piled and back filled with stone, over the years novice boaters had repeatedly crashed into the piles on attempting the turn into the marina and as a result the piling was beginning to give. To make matter worse the legs for the footbridge also sit behind these sheet piles and the bridge was starting list towards the canal. Phil and his gang  excavated the area and pout some additional steel reinforcing in place to tie in the leg of the bridge. We debated between a boom pump or line pump but decided on the line as the booms outriggers would of had to sit on the waters edge which increased the risk of the bank giving way. The line pump arrived and the concrete was dispatched, we pumped 8m3 of an RC35 pump mix concrete with fibres. Fibres were added to increase the strength of the finished concrete and to help resist cracking.

All in all a well executed pour for Burton concrete pumping and another happy customer!



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