Kenilworth rouncil lane Class Q barn conversion

Class Q Planning consent has opened up the opportunity to convert some really interesting agricultural buildings into residential homes. The planners usually require the steel or wooden  frame  to remain, this is in order to preserve the shape and style of the original property. We are often approached by builders and self builders to supply a concrete and screed package to see that each part is correct for the next.

for example –

  1. Pump hire and concreting to sure up stanchions.
  2. Pump hire and concrete for the external foundations normally running between the the existing frame.
  3. Installation of 1200 gauge membrane over compacted type 1 stone, then concrete pumped levelled and laid for the oversite.
  4. Once oversite has set and cured we cover it with another membrane and then install the insulation.
  5. Insulation is then covered with a separation membrane this can be 500 gauge, all joints are taped and sealed, a perimeter edge insulation is then installed to allow for expansion and contraction.
  6. The underfloor heating is now clipped through the membrane and ran as per plan to the different rooms and then returning to the manifold.
  7. Finally the screed is installed, perfectly level and smooth! This could be any of the following -anhydrite, Gyvlon, Cemfloor, Longfloor, Thermio, Tarmac Tru flo, excellio and so on.

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