Liquid Screed in Stratford upon avon

Another Project completed in Stratford upon Avon Warwickshire.

Work carried out –

  • Boom pump supplied over 3 visits to fill the ICF block work.
  • 200 square meters  of  LONGFLOOR cement based screed and underfloor heating supplied and installed.
  • Top flow self compacting concrete levelled and laid inside the garage.

This is another example of good design on this exclusive road in Stratford, the twin gables disguising the true size of this build. We started on this project at the end of summer 2020 for the first stage of the insulated concrete formwork. ICF is especially popular with self builders allowing them to form and shape there house with out the skills required for a traditional brick and block build. The blocks are cut and installed and lined with reinforcement bar to the height of the first floor joists. Concrete is then poured using a boom concrete pump to required level ready for the next lift of blocks to be installed.

When pouring ICF great caution is exercised, as filling with concrete to fast or to high can lead to a structural failure of the blocks! All precautions were taken and the three pours were carried out with out incident.


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