Efficient and cost-effective Full Liquid Screed Service

The perfect partner for your underfloor heating system. Liquid screed provides a fast, efficient and precise floor covering with many advantages over traditional screed. With over 15 years installing liquid screeds you are in safe hands, with the latest calibrated machinery and a selection of products to meet your specification.


We are approved contractors for the following screeds:

Anhydrite based screed Gyvlon

The original flow screed, The most cost effective and stable screed on the market.

There is no other product that transmits heat as efficiently meaning you get the most out of your system.

Eco credentials with 98% recycled binder content.

No cracking or curling and a fine tolerance finish.

Cement based Liquid screed – Longfloor, Cemfloor, Bellitex

The state of the art fast drying screed, Bellitex is a perfect solution where drying times are critical. This cement based flow screed is penetrated with an accelerator opon installation enabling tiling in as little as 2 weeks. Ideal for products that require a low moisture reading such as amtico, karndean.

Fine tolerance finish

Burton Classic – Self compacting

Structural concrete and screed in one product.

Classic is the tried and tested self compacting concrete.

Installed to the same Fine tolerance as our liquid screeds achieving sr2 finish or greater.

Classic enables you to pour your sub base and screed in one pour for maximum efficiency on your build.

Preperation & Aftercare

Laitance removal

What is laitance? Laitance is a thin crust that forms on top of screed and laitance post installation. British standards require all screeds to have laitance removed and abraded prior to installing floor coverings. This is critical with liquid screeds to ensure good adhesion due to the smooth surface and to ensure speedy drying times.

Laitance should be removed 7 days after installation.

We offer laitance removal as part of your screed package or as a stand alone service.

Data sheets & product guides

Anhydrite screed – https://www.gyvlon.co.uk/en/

Bellitex (screed c) – https://www.tarmac.com/solutions/readymix/topflow-screed-c-belitex/

Agilia concrete (topflow horizontal) – https://www.tarmac.com/solutions/readymix/topflow/


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