Exciting ICF selfbuild in Leamington spa Warwickshire

Burton concrete pumping was hired to carry out 3 consecutive pours on this ICF newbuild in Leamington spa.

The client had previously used us for liquid screeding in the older part of the property and rang for some advice and availability for filling his ICF blocks.

We advised a 24m boom concrete pump would be the right choice, this paired with a patient operator should lead to a steady stress-free pour. Establishing that Nudura block was the chosen system, we were pleased to see steve the rep was onsite on arrival to help and offer advice throughout the pours.

The pour was completed in three stages using a c35 strength concrete with a 10mm aggregate, We supplied this using a volumetric mixer to ensure no wastage.

Key points to ensure a stress-free Pour!

  • Check your blocks and formwork twice and then again!
  • Slow and steady, pour your concrete at a slow and controlled rate, don’t try and go too high too quick!
  • Many hands make light work, Ensure you have a person for every job. someone to poker, someone to hold the hose and a spare hand to keep an eye on depth of fill.
  • Mud Snake! Mud snakes are concrete pumping hoses specifically designed for ICF pours. The hose slows the concrete as it drops from the pump deadening the impact as it hits the form work.
  • Slump! Check the slump of your concrete. too wet and you risk a blow out! to dry and you will have voids and air pockets.

Why use Burton concrete pumping.

We are reliable and accredited concrete pump suppliers, all of our operatives receive specific training and guidance for pouring insulated concrete formwork.

We only assign our pumps to one job pre day, This is critical as other companies may be pushing you to pour faster so they can get to their next appointment. with us, you have all day so take your time, relax and get it done right!

All trucks used in ICF carry a mud snake as standard.

We Are accredited and recommended for pouring the following systems.

  • Nudura
  • Durisol
  • Foxblock
  • Amvic
  • Beco
  • Stronghold
  • Integraspec
  • ICF tech

Any enquiries please give us a call on  01926 633764

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