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Waterproof Concrete

Commonly required for projects such as basements, storage areas, car parks and tunnels, waterproof concrete is a practical solution to preventing damp and water damage, whether as a direct result of water permeation or through the absorption of soil moisture.

Standard concrete can absorb water, which over time can lead to cracking, which in turn can allow further water ingress and degradation of the concrete. In most cases, this is a very slow process, but where the concrete will be exposed to damp and/or water on a constant basis – for example, in areas that are underground or subject to flooding – it’s essential to provide additional protection in the form of waterproofing. 

Waterproof Concrete Mix

From large commercial projects to domestic DIY applications, we can deliver the right waterproof concrete mix to ensure long-lasting protection from the potentially serious effects of water ingress.  

If a waterproof concrete floor is essential for your construction project, we can deliver a high-quality solution directly to your site that will last longer, reduce maintenance costs and prevent mould and mildew from gaining a foothold.

For expert advice on waterproof concrete and its applications and benefits, please get in touch with the experienced professionals at Burton Concrete Pumping & Liquid Screed today. Our team works with customers based in and around Rugby, Coventry and Leamington Spa, together with the wider areas of Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

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