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Concrete Finishing

Here at Burton Concrete Pumping & Liquid Screed, we’re committed to excellence on every project; that’s why we provide a range of concrete finishing, levelling and testing services for domestic, commercial and trade customers across Rugby, Leamington Spa and Coventry.

No matter what kind of concrete surface you’re installing, your project is in safe hands with us. Using the latest concrete levelling equipment and techniques, we’ll ensure your concrete is laid and levelled to perfection every time.

Concrete Levelling

Our concrete levelling and finishing solutions include:

Oversite: Ideal for sheds, outbuildings and extensions, our oversite concrete will seal the ground beneath and provide a level base. We’ll precisely lay and dapple your concrete for a smooth finish, ensuring the correct depths for the next stage of screed or insulation.

Self-compacting: Your concrete will be poured and then levelled with a laser, before being dappled to SR2 or an even greater, smoother finish. This means you can pour your slab and screed in one go to save time and money.

Power floating: If you require a hard-wearing floor for a challenging or industrial environment, this is your only option. Using a power float, your concrete will be sealed, compacted and smoothed to ensure a dense and, most importantly, flat surface. We undertake levelling and power floating on surfaces from 5m² to 1,000m².

Concrete Cube Testing

Concrete cube testing is a reliable means of confirming the compressive strength of the concrete you have mixed. This will allow you to proceed with your project with the confidence of knowing that your concrete will be up to the task for which it has been made.

Cube testing for concrete involves determining the force needed to crush a sample of freshly mixed concrete that has been poured into a cube mould and allowed to cure. Tests are usually carried out 7 and 28 days after the initial mix.

For more information on our cube testing and concrete finishing services, please get in touch with the team at Burton Concrete Pumping & Liquid Screed today.

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